I randomly watched Extra being filmed at the grove and The Bachelor was there. I'm in the right hand corner in the red jacket with sunglasses on my head. Towards the end you can see me being creepy and trying to get pictures of him with his shirt off!
I have been listening to my Christmas station on Pandora and I heard a song I've never heard which is rare. I saw it was John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. So Random! They didn't sound as good as when they were in Grease but they made the album to raise money for charity so that's nice.
I went on Google and found an article about it on ABC News. Here are some highlights:
Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta  have re-teamed for a special project: a charity Christmas album that marks their first time recording together in nearly 35 years.

The songs on the album are holiday standards, except for one original, “I Think You Might Like It,” written by Jay Farrar, the guy who wrote Newton-John and Travolta’s beloved Grease duet “You’re the One that I Want.”  The new song is described as something of a sequel to that classic.

Proceeds from the disc will benefit two charities near and dear to the stars’ hearts: Travolta’s Jett Travolta Foundation, which combats children’s disabilities, and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center in Melbourne, Australia, which helps cancer victims and funds research for a cure.

Click HERE to read the full article.

I found this cute little commercial for the Album:

I will be going back to the east coast for Christmas so I decided I better start my Christmas shopping now. Since I live in LA, I have added a few celebrities to my Christmas shopping list this year. Here is what I have in mind so far:

For Snooki:

Momma needs a new pair of shoes...complete with a bottle, pacifier, and baby wipes dispenser.

For Taylor Swift:

This was a no-brainer, her favorite DVD.

For Ke$ha:

Sometimes you need to refresh your breath after you leave the house...
I was watching Paula Deen and she had her son Bobby on the show cooking with her and she said that he's in love. Then they brought his girlfriend out to help with dessert and it was Katy Mixon aka April from Eastbound and Down! Paula Deen said she introduced them.
I looked online and it said they have been dating since 2009. From what I see of him on the show, Bobby Dean doesn't' have much of a personality so maybe Katy is just dating him so she can be Paula Deen's daughter in-law.
I wish Kenny Powers would find out and beat up Bobby Deen and win "April" back!
I normally wouldn't go for Mary Jane type shoes but after seeing how cute they looked on Lauren Conrad, I kind of want them. I might need to go to Kohl's and try these on...
I went to the Grove on Thursday 9/27/12 to watch the filming of Extra because they list which celebrities will be interviewed and it was the first time I saw it say "surprise guest". It turned out to be Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries! I'm not really up on the show but I always love her red-carpet style and think she is gorgeous so I waited around to see her. She was really nice and down to earth.
After her interview she was walking to leave and mobs of people were trying to get pictures and autographs. Her people were trying to pull her away to leave but she kept stopping to sign things and pose for pictures. I thought it was really thoughtful of her to show appreciation to her fans.

Shop Nina's Look: