Happy Halloween!

I was at a yard sale in LA and found a kids sized Anaheim Angels jersey for $1.00 that inspired my costume this year.
I used the imPRESS press-on nails again. This time I remembered to prime my nails with the wipe and they stayed on all night.

DIY Baseball Player Costume

  • I couldn't find red socks so I got red tights and wore them under my white capri pants that I already owned.
  • I tied shoe laces around my feet before slipping on my wedges to make my shoes look sporty.
  • I used red duct tape to make the stripe on my pants.
  • I styled my hair in a messy french braid to go with the sporty look.
Makeup - Winged liner and red lipstick

Hair - I pinned my hair up in a low bun with a bunch of bobby pins and hairspray after I searched online for some pictures of 1920's style.

Dress -  I wore a black dress that I've had in my closet for years. I got it at Mandees but almost any black dress or flapper style dress will work.

Jewelry - My pearl necklace and earrings were a gift from Mike. A long string of costume pearls tied in a knot would be perfect too. I also wore a vintage style watch that my grandmother gave me.

Shoes - I wore the same shoes I wore to Kyle and Colleen's wedding seen HERE.
See more pictures from the party HERE.

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*My shoes were a birthday gift from my dad's awesome girlfriend, Rita. Thanks so much! They are not sold online so I put a close match to them.
They were inspired by the $3,000 shoes in this post: I want shoes that scare people.
*My bag was a birthday gift from my Aunt Donna and family. Thanks guys!

*My Tiffany's necklace is a look-a-like I found at a flea market.

*These imPRESS nails are great. I used them before but this time I forgot to use the little wipe they come with to prime your nails so they were falling off all night. Next time I'll remember the wipe!
This is what I wore to Kyle and Colleen's rehearsal dinner. It was a really fun night.
with my handsome date Mike
with the gorgeous bride-to-be Colleen

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*The clutch is from my glam bag subscription. It is a monthly makeup sample subscription I got as a Christmas present from my dad. For more info check out Ipsy.com

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Recognize the cheetah print scarf? It was in my fall shopping list I posted here: Fall Shopping Inspiration