We went to Hermosa Beach for a wine tasting at Uncorked and after the tasting we walked over to the beach and played on one of the swing sets they have there.
We stayed to see a beautiful sunset.
Another day it was supposed to be 100 degrees, I went to Santa Monica beach with Nicole and Suzy, where we actually laid out and went in the ocean. I like Santa Monica beach because they have the beach, shopping, and rides.
I asked for a "girly drink" and got this sweet and tasty sparkling pink sake called "Hana-Awaka".
I got the "Hungry Roll" - Spicy albacore and shrimp tempura on the inside with shredded crab, popcorn lobster, and avocado on the outside. YUM!
Since it was my birthday, they brought out this delicious tempura fried ice cream. It was so good!
This guy with a horse mask on went around doing PSY's Gangnam Style dance all through out the night. Since it was my birthday I got my own personal dance...it was funny and scary at the same time. Unforgettable!

The Counter - Los Angeles CA

The Counter is a burger chain where the burgers are made to order however you like. They have many options for the roll, meat, toppings, and sides. They also have a menu of their signature burgers and other items in case you don't feel like creating your own. I chose a 1/3 lb beef burger (smallest sized burger option), on a hamburger bun, with jalapeno jack cheese, pickles, lettuce, fried onion strings, and chipotle aioli sauce. We also got parmesan garlic french fries for the table to share. Everything was yummy and fresh. My favorite was the fried onion strings and the parmesan garlic fries.

Milk - Los Angeles CA

Milk is an ice cream parlor and bake shop. There were so many delicious treats, it took me a while to choose. I tasted a pretzel and beer flavored ice cream out of curiosity and it really tasted like pretzels and beer but it was too rich for more than a taste. I ended up getting the Coffee Toffee Crunch Shake (coffee ice cream with toffee crunch and espresso) for $6.00. It was soooo delicious. It was like a Heath Bar Frappuccino! Mike got the Banana Peanut Malt (banana dulce de leche ice cream, malted milk and roasted peanuts) for $7.00. I tried his but I loved my own milkshake way more. The only problem was I drank it at 9pm and then I couldn't fall asleep because of all the caffeine. It was worth it.