I will be going back to the east coast for Christmas so I decided I better start my Christmas shopping now. Since I live in LA, I have added a few celebrities to my Christmas shopping list this year. Here is what I have in mind so far:

For Snooki:

Momma needs a new pair of shoes...complete with a bottle, pacifier, and baby wipes dispenser.

For Taylor Swift:

This was a no-brainer, her favorite DVD.

For Ke$ha:

Sometimes you need to refresh your breath after you leave the house...

Although I love my baby Graycat to death, there are a few other pets I would like to have.

Here is a list of my top 5 dream pets:

*Click on the photos to get a better look.

Baby Sinclair from the 90's TV show Dinosaurs because he is cute and says "Not the mama!" and "I'm the baby, gotta love me!"
Falkor from the movie The Never Ending Story because he is just a huge giant cuddly dog that can fly.
ET because he is just so cool!
A Direwolf from the show/book Game of Thrones. My Direwolf would be my companion and protect me.
Last but not least...Yoda! He is smart and adorable and has the force. He would train me to be a Jedi and just hang out with me in my apartment.