Update: The winner to the survey was Option 1

We asked you which of these 3 bedding options should we get for our new apartment:
The winner was Option 2!
We haven't bought anything yet but we will use this for inspiration.

I thought this necklace was pretty cute. I think it would make a good bridal shower or anniversary gift.

Vintage Vow Necklace

The description on JewelMint.com says:
Tradition meets modern sophistication with this unique design. Three rings, approximately ½” wide, are inscribed with the words Honor, Love, and Obey. Inspired by conventional wedding promises, our necklace encourages you to honor and love yourself, and to obey those killer fashion instincts. The 36” rope chain fastens with a lobster clasp.
JewelMint is a monthly subscription website. The pieces are usually $29.99 but they often have specials, especially for first time customers. Every month, they email you their new showroom and you can buy something or "skip this month". Once you have ordered something you have to remember to "skip this month" in the first 5 days of the month or it will automatically charge your card 1 credit of $29.99 to use anytime towards your next purchase.

Would you wear this necklace? Or give it as a gift? Leave a comment below:

Mike and I (and Graycat) are moving into our new apartment in West Hollywood today. I'm excited to finally have the rest of my worldly posessions out of storage. I'm even more excited that we have this rooftop pool...
...and jacuzzi:
I am also looking forward to being able to walk to Runyan Canyon to go hiking:
Since this is Mike and my first real apartment together (the temporary one is like a hotel) we still need to get a few things of our own.

Which Bedding do you think we should get?