Overslept and running late as usual, she barely remembers to grab her jacket as she runs out the door, but is soon glad she did. This October morning is a bit chilly.

As she walks up to the café she sees him already sitting at one of the outside tables. She is quickly reminded that the new guy she is dating is the hottest guy she’s ever seen. The changing colors of the leaves and the bright blue sky just magnify his looks even more. And he pays attention because he’s already ordered for her, her favorite fall drink, pumpkin spice latte, and a big giant snickerdoodle cookie, fresh out of the oven.

She starts to apologize for being late but he’s just excited to see her. He smiles and goes to give her a hug.  She hugs him and after rushing around all morning, it’s the first chance she's had just to breathe.  Her nose is filled with the light scent of his cologne mixed with his body wash, and the crisp fall air, with the smells from the café drifting through. She doesn’t know if it’s the fresh start of a new season or the new hope and potential she has found with this amazing man, but in that moment she feels relaxed, happy, and content.

That moment…that scent…is captured in this candle:
Limited Edition - Autumn Harvest

The Limited Edition Autumn Harvest Candle at Target

Since last year I have been obsessed with Target's soy based jar candles. They are not sold online, only in store. The large sizes are $10 and the small are $5. They burn more evenly and the scent spreads around the room better than the candles from bath & body works, in my opinion.
 I suggest you go to Target and smell these amazing candles. They are in the candle aisle at the "endcap" (end of the aisle).
10/11/2012 01:04:34 am

Sarah, I am not only offended but hurt by this post! Where is the Yankee love? lol

10/11/2012 01:23:28 am

Aww, can't I have love for both Yankee and Target? Lol

9/13/2014 08:51:42 am

best candles ever

9/28/2014 08:09:43 am

I just left Target with a broken heart. I went to buy this exact candle because mine from last year is almost gone.


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